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Iris Art Splats

I used the spent bloom of a deep purple iris and just threw it down repeatedly onto the paper! It creates a wonderful background for artwork or lettering and I even used it as a background for an article in a newsletter I do.


I drew out the lines for a mandala and used its sections to draw this butterfly!

W in leaf script

I used pens shown. I wanted to do something different and used color instead of drawing texture.

Card for Calligraphy Pal

I used a copperplate-ish W on the front for her name. The paper is watercolor stock with green acrylic and the purple is from spreading a spent deep purple iris bloom over the green.

She loves butterflies, so I attached this one on ‘springs’ so it would pop out when she opened it!

T in leaf script

R in leaf script

I drew the R using .05 and .01 Staedtler pens.

This is my rough sketch of the R