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I created this monogram for my younger daughter’s wedding invitation.  Kristen and Brian used this throughout their entire wedding package.


Madelyn Marie Alexander, my great niece born in 2012, inspired me to create this utilizing the leaf letters style. I used a fine black pen and colored pencils.


I wanted to try  Lombardic Versals and so I drew this using my husband and my initials. Again, a fine black pen was used and then filled in with water color.


I am currently working on a monogram for my older daughter’s future wedding invitation.  Patrick and Beth liked intertwining their initials as well.  The one circled was OK’d by them and then I reworked it again to come up with this, see below.


This is the version that I will enlarge and refine to get the final product. I like this step of the process because in the end I have created a new piece of art.  I can do the same for you! Contact me for details.

W in leaf script

I used pens shown. I wanted to do something different and used color instead of drawing texture.

T in leaf script

J in Leaf Script

These are a kind of therapy, so much fun and easy to make.

K in Leaf Script

These are so much fun to make. I’ve done A through Q so far….