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IAMPETH 2017, Louisville

  1. A few pieces from ‘Adventures in Creativity’ with Barbara Close

I wanted to create somthing for my new calligraphy pal for 2014. We just received the name of our person and she’d celebrated her birthday just a short time before. I thought it would be nice to create her name with different typestyles for each letter. Black and white was too boring so I added some color. When finished, I sprayed it with fixative since the color part was watercolor. To finish it off, I scored and folded it like an accordian so it could stand up and would be easier to mail!


Birthday Card for my Daughter

Birthday Card for my Daughter

I have so much fun creating these cards that I came up with! My daughter lives far away and so I used a map of her new area and some fun and colorful typestyles from old magazines, etc. to create this card. The bottom strip of map on the front is from her former city of Chicago and the inside flap is from our home state. It’s a cool way to show the different locations of her life so far!

Birthday card for Brian

Brian CardFor Blog

I just had to make my son-in-law, work for his birthday message! I know he likes to do puzzles, so I cut up the card to make him figure it out! 🙂

Artwork for my daughter

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I wanted to send something to my daughter in Zambia that expressed many things about her life. I used scraps that I had from previous artwork and other sources to create this scene. The cloud with rain represents meteorology, her major in college. A daisy represents the sun. On the right is a tree for the ones in Zambia, where she was volunteering in the Peace Corps. Peace for her belief in Peace and Justice and Love for her relationship with her boyfriend Patrick, a native Zambian. The waves represent her being so far away across the ocean.

Iris Art Splats

I used the spent bloom of a deep purple iris and just threw it down repeatedly onto the paper! It creates a wonderful background for artwork or lettering and I even used it as a background for an article in a newsletter I do.

The Iris

Iris painted with itself!The Iris bloom was gone and I used the stem as a handle and the bloom as the brush to ‘wash’ some color on the paper. Then I drew the shape of the flower with a fine black Faber Castel pen. This artwork shows a contrast with the abstract bloom and the realistic stem. I like the look!

The most amazing thing is that the deep purple iris is lightfast!!!! I left it in the sun on my art table for a few days… no change! Love it!