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Butterflies for my Calligraphy Pal

artwork! 001

Butterfly 2012-08-19 002

For Calligraphy Pal

Artwork 2012 035

In our Guild we have Calligraphy Pals. We send them a little something every other month or so.  This was my pal last year and I knew that she liked butterflies so I made her a few cards with different styles of butterflies.

Being creative with the cards and utilizing different techniques we learned at our Guild meetings was so much fun!

Let me know if you’d like me to design something for you using your favorite animal or object.  See my contact page.

The ‘Kristen’ lettering style

many 002



These are three versions of the ‘Kristen’ lettering style that I developed for my daughter’s wedding envelopes. She loved the style that someone had done and posted online.  I tried to ‘copy’ that style, and truthfully it was just someone’s handwriting.  I had to develop some of the upper case letters and all of the lower.

The first photo above is what I came up with for her envelopes. I used a flat edge and gold ink on a page in my sketchbook

#2 is what it looked like after I revised some of the letters. I used Dr. Ph Martin’s iridescent copperplate gold ink on maroon cover stock for this practice work.

The final two photos are the monoline version in my sketchbook using a black fine line Faber-Castell pen.

Since I developed this style for my daughter, I named it after her.  The ‘Kristen’ style is a combination of my style, what this talented person had shown online, and somewhat copperplate-ish!  The lower case is just me and what I remember from learning the Palmer method of cursive in grade school.

Enjoy, and let me know if I can letter your wedding envelopes!  




I created this monogram for my younger daughter’s wedding invitation.  Kristen and Brian used this throughout their entire wedding package.


Madelyn Marie Alexander, my great niece born in 2012, inspired me to create this utilizing the leaf letters style. I used a fine black pen and colored pencils.


I wanted to try  Lombardic Versals and so I drew this using my husband and my initials. Again, a fine black pen was used and then filled in with water color.


I am currently working on a monogram for my older daughter’s future wedding invitation.  Patrick and Beth liked intertwining their initials as well.  The one circled was OK’d by them and then I reworked it again to come up with this, see below.


This is the version that I will enlarge and refine to get the final product. I like this step of the process because in the end I have created a new piece of art.  I can do the same for you! Contact me for details.

Using Nature as My Inspiration


I created this artwork using charcoal and the petals from a beautiful flower in my yard. I used two nib sizes and Higgins eternal ink. I enjoy using elements of nature for the art especially since it’s free.

Would you like something similar for your outdoor garden wedding? Perhaps a unique design for your invitation.
It could also be the focus of artwork for your blank wall you have been needing to decorate.

My Daughter’s Wedding Invitation

I worked with her to design and print the entire  package for this invitation.  We made the monogram,  invite, rsvp card, picture and map.  What a great way to set the tone for a memorable wedding!

I worked with her to design and print the entire package for this invitation. We made the monogram, invite, rsvp card, picture and map. What a great way to set the tone for a memorable wedding!

Welcome to August! Please keep checking my blog this month, I want to showcase some of my favorite projects to letter. Check back every Monday and Friday for calligraphy inspiration.

This one is special to me, I worked with the bride to design and produce an entire wedding invitation, from envelope to RSVP card. Why was it special? It was my younger daughter! She married her best friend in June.

We started with the monogram. As soon as I knew she was engaged I started doodling K & B for Kristen and Brian. Together we developed the personalized invitation of her dreams. She wanted her guests to feel excited to attend this wedding! I also did the lettering style, layout, and organized the printing. After creatively wrapping all pieces with pink ribbon, I lettered each guest’s address in gold calligraphy and licked the stamp!

It was a remarkable process and enjoyable to see the finished product.

I chose this as my post today because I want to demonstrate what I can do. I would love to help more brides. Please look at my contact page if you’re interested in having me help you design or letter your invitations or envelopes to celebrate the start to your married life.