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The ‘Kristen’ lettering style

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These are three versions of the ‘Kristen’ lettering style that I developed for my daughter’s wedding envelopes. She loved the style that someone had done and posted online.  I tried to ‘copy’ that style, and truthfully it was just someone’s handwriting.  I had to develop some of the upper case letters and all of the lower.

The first photo above is what I came up with for her envelopes. I used a flat edge and gold ink on a page in my sketchbook

#2 is what it looked like after I revised some of the letters. I used Dr. Ph Martin’s iridescent copperplate gold ink on maroon cover stock for this practice work.

The final two photos are the monoline version in my sketchbook using a black fine line Faber-Castell pen.

Since I developed this style for my daughter, I named it after her.  The ‘Kristen’ style is a combination of my style, what this talented person had shown online, and somewhat copperplate-ish!  The lower case is just me and what I remember from learning the Palmer method of cursive in grade school.

Enjoy, and let me know if I can letter your wedding envelopes!