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For a sweet woman

Scholasticah made this fabulous meal for us!!
This is on navy stock with BPW, green ziller, bronze irridescent and red Calli inks.



Creativity for a Sunday.

Working on a flourished bird

There’s more practice in my future…
Nikko G nib, Dr. Ph Martin’s bleedproof white and a Yoke Pen Company holder.

IAMPETH 2017, Louisville

  1. A few pieces from ‘Adventures in Creativity’ with Barbara Close

I’m trying to get back into doing Calligraphy more often. I used an old nib with a different ink and it blobs too easily. Ugh. Dr. Ph Martin’s Bleedproof white to the rescue! Also, messing around with watercolor.

Iris in watercolor


I’m also working more with my brush lettering.

Brush lettering

Brush Lettering

Celery Rose

I tried the idea of using the bottom section of a stalk of celery to create the look of a rose.  I just cut about two inches off the stalk then wiped the cut edge with a paper towel to attempt to get a drier surface. It could have been drier in order to have the acrylic paint adhere better.  But, it gave it a mottled look which is a cool effect.   The leaves are done with a sponge that I had cut a few years ago. Check out this site which shows how to make a celery rose!