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The earth laughs in flowers



In a creative mood this week.  Trying out the q-tip method to create the flower.  

Creativity for a Sunday.

I’m trying to get back into doing Calligraphy more often. I used an old nib with a different ink and it blobs too easily. Ugh. Dr. Ph Martin’s Bleedproof white to the rescue! Also, messing around with watercolor.

Iris in watercolor


I’m also working more with my brush lettering.

Brush lettering

Brush Lettering

Entry for a Garden Show

My first attempt with watercolor

I used the front of a favorite card I received for the inspriration for this entry. Watercolor.

The Iris

Iris painted with itself!The Iris bloom was gone and I used the stem as a handle and the bloom as the brush to ‘wash’ some color on the paper. Then I drew the shape of the flower with a fine black Faber Castel pen. This artwork shows a contrast with the abstract bloom and the realistic stem. I like the look!

The most amazing thing is that the deep purple iris is lightfast!!!! I left it in the sun on my art table for a few days… no change! Love it!