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Trying to learn some flourishes by studying other calligraphers! Practice, practice, practice!



Seastones style from IAMPETH.
McCaffery’s indigo ink. Brause EF66 nib.

IAMPETH 2017, Louisville

  1. A few pieces from ‘Adventures in Creativity’ with Barbara Close

I’m trying to get back into doing Calligraphy more often. I used an old nib with a different ink and it blobs too easily. Ugh. Dr. Ph Martin’s Bleedproof white to the rescue! Also, messing around with watercolor.

Iris in watercolor


I’m also working more with my brush lettering.

Brush lettering

Brush Lettering

For the Birds…

Beth Bird
I love making the envelopes for letters look artistic and creative. These are birds I’ve been doing lately with zen-like designs.


KristenFran (2)


Calligraphy on a cup!

These photos show the steps I used to create this cup for my ‘secret pal’ in my Guild. I used Sharpie oil based pens in primary colors to stipple around the letters and inside the image of the pen. After it dried I carefully removed the paper and then baked the cup at 350 for 30-45 min.

Calligraphy exchange project

Calligraphy Exchange

This is a handmade postcard for Wendy for this Fall’s Calligraphy Exchange with my Guild.

Wall Lettering

Wall lettering

I used brown acrylic paint to letter this quote in French for my sister’s home.

Translated: What can stop hate? Only Love.

Spencerian Ladies Hand

I wanted to exaggerate the ascenders and descenders for a cool effect.

Beth' s Birthday

Creativity with typestyles

I wanted to send a card to Steph for her birthday and decided to utilize a different typestyle for each letter of her name.