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For the Birds…

Beth Bird
I love making the envelopes for letters look artistic and creative. These are birds I’ve been doing lately with zen-like designs.


KristenFran (2)


Calligraphy on a cup!

These photos show the steps I used to create this cup for my ‘secret pal’ in my Guild. I used Sharpie oil based pens in primary colors to stipple around the letters and inside the image of the pen. After it dried I carefully removed the paper and then baked the cup at 350 for 30-45 min.

Calligraphy exchange project

Calligraphy Exchange

This is a handmade postcard for Wendy for this Fall’s Calligraphy Exchange with my Guild.

Wall Lettering

Wall lettering

I used brown acrylic paint to letter this quote in French for my sister’s home.

Translated: What can stop hate? Only Love.

Spencerian Ladies Hand

I wanted to exaggerate the ascenders and descenders for a cool effect.

Beth' s Birthday

Creativity with typestyles

I wanted to send a card to Steph for her birthday and decided to utilize a different typestyle for each letter of her name.


Erin and Ryan

ER for Blog

Monogram for my niece’s wedding invitation.